Pesto-Cauliflower Pasta

No. 3

So much green! This recipe is great for nights when you have a bit of extra time and are cooking for a few people. It looks impressive, is filling and tastes fresh due to all the herbs. Plus I like cooking a non tomato based pasta for a change.

I decided to cook it for my friends (who aren’t vegan) and they were pretty stoked about it, especially the breaded tofu pieces, which could be used as part of heaps of different recipes.

The original recipe can be found here.



The key to cooking the tofu perfectly is cook it on a relatively low-medium heat and keep and eye on it so it doesn’t burn. Also remember to use a thin metal spatula when flipping the pieces as the crumbs will stick to the pan and not the tofu.


Seriously you can’t argue that it doesn’t look good too (my friend’s table adds to the final shot looking nice too 🙂 ).


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