Rosemary Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe number 2…

I knew these guys would be right near the top of the list to try next because I had made a batch the week before for my aunt and they turned our so well they were gone in a sitting. The original recipe says to use all purpose flour but I used wholemeal for the first batch and it really complemented the rustic nature of the rosemary. Texture wise the first batch turned out really close to anzacs once cooked, a little bit chewy and soft.

This time I tried them with another slight variation, replacing some of the wholemeal flour with coconut flour (about a third). Coconut flour is definitely a bit of an alternative ingredient, but I guess that because everything coconut is in these days it is pretty easy to find. I bought mine at Woolies, so it is not too obscure.


This is how they are meant to look…

And mine looked like this:


They looked ok, but tasted really good. The coconut flour basically turned them into shortbread. I was also a really hot day and the coconut oil had melted so maybe that effected it. Not what I was expecting but still super tasty.

This is my new go to biscuit. I tested them on my friends and they really enjoyed them too.

Also on a side note: the recipe doesn’t really make 24 unless you make quite small biscuits.


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