Sunflower Mac and Cheese

Recipe number 1 – woo!

So firstly I have to preface this post with the fact that I made it whilst semi-hungover and spending the afternoon watching Twin Peaks. Probably not the most perfect start to this project but I did it non-the-less.

I chose Isa’s Sunflower Mac as the first recipe to tackle because I had a massive craving for pasta and cheese and it looked like I probably had most of the ingredients.


You can read the original recipe at Post Punk Kitchen.

The recipe is straight forward but required soaking the sunflower seeds as well as pureeing the sauce in a food processor, two things I couldn’t be bothered doing when I was starving.

Also I added finely chopped cauliflower into the sautéed veggies and added some frozen peas into the pasta at the very end of cooking.

For the sunflower seeds, I instead blended the dry seeds in my spice grinder then poured them into sauce at the same time as the cornflour but before adding the vege stock.

Any way below is the end product. It tasted so good – really moreish and sticky and tangy. The sauce worked perfectly and I liked the chunkiness of the veggies too.

I’m glad it worked because now I’m motivated to tackle the other 138 recipes in the book! Bring on 2015 😛



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